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Tessa Dooms on Exclusion of Other Races from SA Political Life

Director at Rivonia Circle Tessa Dooms says SA has eroded any sense of being a united country. Dooms was reacting to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address at the UDF40th anniversary celebrations, where he said he believed Indian, Coloured and white South Africans feel excluded from the country’s political life.

As a democracy, governance and policy expert; and her finger firmly on the pulse of SA’s socio-political landscape, Tessa Dooms shares her formidable knowledge and offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of this topic.
Going into the 2024 Elections the feeling of exclusion from SA political life will play an impoertant role in how people cast their vote.

Tessa Dooms is a Content Contributor on and she is also co-author of the book COLOURED How Classification Became Culture.

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Written by Tessa Dooms

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