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Does SONA Even Matter & Are MPs Abusing SA Parliament?

Does SONA Even Matter? Who Really Elects the President? Who do the Members of Parliament Actually Represent and Are MP’s Abusing SA Parliament?

Tessa Dooms shares insight as to whether Parliament is being utilized the way that it should be. Does the current system work for the people?

Do we really vote for the president?

Who do the Members of Parliament Actually Represent?
Are MP’s Abusing SA Parliament?

How important is the State of the Nation Address? Does SONA even matter or is it just for Show & Pageantry?

Tessa Dooms discusses Parliament: It’s powers, work, and representation. She also looks at the need for Electoral Reform and she speaks of the relevance of SONA a day before SONA24 actually took place on Thursday 8 February 2024.

As a democracy, governance and policy expert; and her finger firmly on the pulse of SA’s socio-political landscape, Tessa Dooms brings her formidable knowledge to our channel, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of each topic.

Tessa Dooms is a Content Contributor on and she is also co-author of the book COLOURED How Classification Became Culture.

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Written by Tessa Dooms

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