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The ANC Has Been Usurped By WMC

With the ANC Now Leaning Right Going into Coalition with the DA, Bradley Ruiters writes that the Liberation Movement we have known as the ANC no longer exists since it has become a vehicle of White Monoploy Capital

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The ANC as we know it, has died. The glorious organisation that once was the African National Congress is no more.
Liberation movements do not make for good governments, this we have had imprinted on our consciousness finally. We can only hope that revolutionaries in Niger, Mali and other African countries currently throwing off the stink of colonialism heed this truth.

The kindest interpretation would be that the ANC of Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela was from the outset a victim of its own integrity.
If you said you were a Comrade, and could cry in full-voice Amandla!, you were taken at your word. Because the Big Men came from a time when a person’s word was immutable. Integrity was a given.

The streaming in of freshly-unbanned ANC “exiles” with their many University degrees was cautiously welcomed by SA activists who were only too aware that our Apartheid gutter education had not equipped us for governance.
So we didn’t insist that our intellectuals like Dr. Neville Alexander and our struggle comrades must be part of our decision-making corps.
Just like Theodore Herzl and his cabal of global capitalists usurped Judaism to further their creation of Zionism, white monopoly capital has now usurped our liberation movement, the ANC.

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I can’t help thinking about the loyal ANC cadres who worked tirelessly behind the scenes formulating restitutive legislation like the Employment Equity Act and crafting the basis for Skills Development and SETA’s… The unions and scholars who were responsible for Labour Relations in the New South Africa…

These were our heroes who were just kicked in the face by the Ramaphosa faction of the ANC selling out to white monopoly capital saying to the struggle comrades of the townships: “We have not only failed you. We have maimed your legacy and indigenous aspirations to be Economically Free.”

What do you think?

Written by Bradley Ruiters

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