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Are Coloured Communities Neglected by Government?

WATCH Identity Politics and Governmet Neglect of Colored Communities

Since 2001 when we started, the question of coloured identity and the coloured community’s quest for equality, representation, agency, legitimacy, acceptance and its space in the South African sun persists. By almost all metrics, the coloured community is on a downward spiral in democratic South Africa and the situation seems unlikely to end any time soon.

This discussion on the voting patterns of the Coloured community and how that plays into the broader South African discourse is of great importance to us and should be to you, if you care about your community’s progress and trajectory in society today.

Political economist Ismail Lagardien says coloured communities are in the grips of violence, made worse by a lack of service delivery. ActionSA senate member Angela Sobey, United Independent Movement vice-president Fatima Abdool, and Dino Peterson of the Patriotic Alliance discuss this.

WATCH: Are Coloured Communities Neglected by Government

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Written by Charles Ash

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