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Elections 2024 – Patriotic Alliance and ‘The Coloured Vote’

Tessa Dooms on the Patriotic Alliance, “the Coloured Vote”, Gayton McKenzie, Kenny Kunene, personality politics, and Effective Campaigning

In our series of interviews & talks focussed on South Africa’s upcoming 2024 National & Provincial Elections, Tessa Dooms, as a democracy, governance and policy expert with her finger firmly on the pulse of SA’s socio-political landscape, shares insight into the Patriotic Alliance and “the Coloured vote”.
She speaks on the Patriotic Alliance, “the Coloured Vote”, Gayton McKenzie, Kenny Kunene, big celebrity and personality politics, and Effective Campaigning.

Two of Our Favourite Moments Paraphrased

Tessa Dooms: “Even today, many people in those communities do not vote inside what you think of as strict colour lines or even community cultural lines. Theres a diversity of thought within the Coloured Community that has always been present.”
“The math and the statistics shows us that the Coloured Vote isn’t a unitary vote; isn’t a simple vote and isn’t simply a vote for a Coloured person.” Tessa Dooms explaining that Coloured peope who will be voting for Gayton McKenzie aren’t simply voting for him because he is Coloured.

Tessa Dooms is a regular guest presenter on the SMWX YouTube Channel which hosts this video.

Tessa Dooms is a Content Contributor on and she is also co-author of the book COLOURED How Classification Became Culture.

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Written by Tessa Dooms

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