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ANC-DA GNU Proposition Seeks to Keep Neoliberalism Intact

The Leadership-Dealership Following Our South African Elections Last Week Could Be Described As The Resurgence of White Baasskap writes Bradley Ruiters in his latest Opinion Piece

A Zionist Apartheid-era trust-fund kid, Rob Hersov arrived back in South Africa after 30 years and started dishing out his father’s money to re-arrange the political order. His main theme being the chopping off of our Western Cape province from the rest of our country.
Phil Craig, a British citizen formed the Referendum Party for the same purpose. Another shark smelling black blood.

In the meanwhile the DA, our neoliberal official opposition that trades on the social engineering of the 1960’s and 1970’s which brainwashed “coloured” people into believing they were, but for a bit of red tape, almost European, began employing a US lobbying firm. An odd thing for an opposition party to do, as what could it offer a foreign government if it isn’t the government here?
Because it certainly feels we are on the cusp of becoming a balkanised nation. The Southern African Sudan/South Sudan. We all know which Western power gets its jollies from breaking up large self-sufficient countries into smaller, neutered nations dependent on NGO like USAID.

The pro-partition Rob Hersov building a private airport large enough to accept US military transport airplanes is perhaps an indication of what is planned for South Africa if we don’t take back our rudder.
New political parties like Rise Mzanzi and BOSA sprung up, funded by the white monopoly capital that had, when Apartheid was no longer profitable, gone to butter up Nelson Mandela in prison during the late 1980’s.
The question is, what was the signal which convinced the Rob Hersovs and Phil Craig’s that the time was once again right for white capital to take over South Africa?

“A good pitch from Cde. Mthokozisi Khubone on the rightwing strategy for enclosure; “Other than the much touted Executive power-sharing scenario between the ANC and the DA there is also a proposition of a Confidence-Supply Agreement which is being proposed by the DA.
Helen Zille calls it a Super Opposition scenario.
What is it and how will it work, you may ask.
In this permutation the DA envisages an ANC Cabinet that would be a minority government which relies on the support of the DA and IFP in the National Assembly.


The envisaged support and protection, given to the ANC against the Vote of No confidence, will be guaranteed through concession of the Speaker position to the DA and portfolio committee Chairperson positions to both the DA and IFP.
This permutation is preferred by most leaders of the DA who understand the diplomacy behind the proposition as well as the political strategic intent.
The IFP is being summoned along to support this proposition on account of being promised a coalition agreement in which it will share the governance of the KZN province with the DA.

What is the driving thought behind this proposition?
The DA wants to micromanage the ANC Executive that is weak and has no legitimate appeal.
It wants to control Budget votes.
It wants to direct policy deliberations and drive the discussion of policy direction in portfolio committees, through the exercise of the oversight mandate.
The DA intends to usurp and arrogate unto itself the legislative power, subvert progressive advances in the realm of legislation and stifle the promulgation of transformative legislation.

ANC DA GNU Proposition a Neoliberalst Attempt to Prevent Black Solidarity

The prevention of Black Solidarity is a cornerstone of this proposition. The blocking of the ANC, MKP and EFF coalition government is a case in point.
Acting on behalf of the Ruling class (the Mining Energy Finance Complex – the Funders) the DA, having substantial control and influence over the judiciary, now aims to controll the second arm of the state – the Legislative Assembly.
This is not to underscore that it already enjoys maximum influence and control over the Fourth estate – being the mass media as characterised by Edmund Burke.
The DA’s proposition has a corrosive impact on the political support of its intended coalition partners. The corrosive impact can be felt immediately or in the intermediate term before the local government elections in 2026.

The popular cliche’ that says ‘he who pays the piper pays the tune’ seems likely to prevail as funders demand Returns on their investment.
One thing for sure Leadership-Dealership is in full swing.

The voting population, which largely accounts for the working class, has since been reduced to spectators in their own game.
Come 12 June 2024, 14 days will lapse. Hopefully Leadership -Dealership will have been concluded.
Sadly, Neoliberalism will remain intact and on a perennial course.

Working Class you are on your own.
Mobilise or suffer the consequences”.
#Unmandated reflections of a pseudo intellectual”

What do you think?

Written by Bradley Ruiters

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