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JMPD’s Refusal to Appoint Coloureds Needs to Be Addressed

Traffic Warden Speaks Up in Video About JMPD Discriminatin Against Coloureds

A traffic warden from Eldorado Park was brave enough to speak up and address what appears to be a blatant case of Discrimination Against Coloures at JMPD.

In a video forwarded to us the traffic warden says she was part of a group of 74 candidates appointed under the EPWP to be trained as traffic wardens.
They were 60 Black and 14 Coloured young people who completed the program.
They all applied for the permanent positions that were advertised after being trained on the EPWP.
All 60 Black candidates were appointed to the permanent positions while the 14 Coloured candidates were excluded.

In a recording of what is said to be the voice of JMPD Acting Chief Angie Mokasi a lady clearly says to someone that they will not be appointed “because you’re a Coloured”.

It is quite disconcerting that these young people were considered to be good enough for the short term EPWP positions and received the requisite training but they are now being blatantly told that they have no chance of being appointed to the permanent positions because they are Coloured.

The City of Johannesburg which controls and oversees the JMPD needs to clarify this matter.
Residents of Eldorado Park, Roodepoort, Westbury, Ennerdale, etc need to apply pressure on their Johannesburg Ward Councillors irrespective of which parties those ward councillors are from and tell them that if they do not take the matter up and challenge the stance of the JMPD through the Johannesburg Metropolitan Council, then they do not deserve their seats as Ward Councillors.

The Acting Chief of the JMPD is appointed by the City of Johannesburg and the City’s metropolitan council cannot be allowed to shrug their shoulders on this matter and they cannot attempt to say it is out of their control.
The JMPD is fully under the control of the City of Johannesburg and ward councillors cannot say that they are not in a position to address this.

Coloured politicians in all the different political parties who are in Provincial & National Government should also for once step out from towing their party lines and speak up for Coloured People.

Those politicians who are looking for Coloured Votes in the upcoming 2024 National & Provincial Government Elections and even more so, those vying for our people’s votes in the 2025 Local Government Elections should start showing our people that they deserve our votes.

If they are not willing to stand up for Coloureds then Coloureds should let them lose their seats.

What do you think?

Written by Ryan Swano

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