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Experts Present Music Industry Masterclasses on the Cape Flats

Music Industry Experts Team Up with Selwyn Bartlett’s SCM Academy in Presenting Affordable & Easily Accessible Masterclasses

There are very few careers in which you can excel without any preparation or without equipping yourself with knowledge of the industry you are in. A music industry career is no different. You cannot simply rely on your talent alone.

There is a reason it is called an ‘Industry’ and Selwyn Bartlett has identified the need to create a structure for musicians and those who work alongside musician, but who do not have a formal education, to obtain a recognised music industry qualification.
Thus Selwyn Bartlett who graduated with an ACET [Adult Community Education Training] qualification from UCT in 2019 initiated a music industry education project which is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds.

The introduction of the very affordable and easily accessible 2023 Music Industry Masterclasses is another milestone in the ongoing development of the project. It is not the first Masterclass presented in the project and attendees of similar masterclasses and workshops in 2022 are reaping the rewards of their participation.
Earl Kalakoda a participant of similar workshops and masterclasses in 2022 has high praises for Selwyn Bartlett’s Media and Music Industry Education initiatives.
“I found the music workshops very informative. There was a sense of community in building up of one another. I enjoyed the perspectives of the guests that popped in giving their life experiences in the music industry. Selwyn has a wealth of knowledge in the radio industry. Not just that, but he has a great ability of teaching his concepts in a non-linear fashion. I would recommend these workshops to all aspiring artists and music producers.”


Music Industry & Broadcast Media Expert Selwyn Bartlett graduated with an ACET [Adult Community Education Training] qualification from UCT in 2019

As a successful broadcaster and music stalwart, Selwyn found that the Media and Music Industry sectors were in dire need of training and development. The idea of collaborating his experience with the qualification sprung to mind. Selwyn then decided to start his own academy in Lotus River in 2024. SCM Academy will offer Accredited Courses in Music Industry Practice and Radio Production.

SCM Academy will focus on NEET’s [Not in Employment, Education, or Training] and the need to educate unemployed youth and school dropouts with much needed training and development in the Music Industry.
“We often run workshops on the Cape Flats to give the community an insight as to how this sector functions and what to expect with the accredited courses and how the qualification will empower them to finding employment or create self-employment through our network of Broadcasting and Music Industry professionals.”
“We are especially passionate about empowering learners who have a low qualification to apply through Recognition of Prior Learning. This process can help these individuals to acquire a formal qualification that matches their knowledge and skills, and thereby contribute to improving their employability, mobility, lifelong learning, social inclusion and self-esteem.”


Chad Saaiman is not only a succesful artist but is also an accomplished radio presenter.


Selwyn has teamed up with Mariana Hanse from Cape Music Academy. Mariana is an accomplished academic in the Music Education Field and is passionate about empowering the Youth in further studies in the Music Industry. Mariana focuses on the Accredited Music Performance Courses including vocal and musical instrument learning.
The 2023 Music Industry Masterclasses starts on Saturday 30 September 2023, a 6 week short course every Saturday 10h00 to 12h00 until Saturday 4 November and will be held at Every Nation, Saxenburg Park1 in Blackheath.


Martin Myers is a highy successful Music Industry Executive and Founder of the Music Exchange which hosts the internationally recognised annual MEX Conference.


The course material aligned to the National Certificate: Music Industry Practice NQF level 3, will be facilitated by Mariana Hanse and guest speakers Chad Saaiman and Cameron Ward will give testimony of their success as accomplished artists with Martin Myers from Music Exchange sharing insight into the Management aspects of the Music Industry in South Africa.


Cameron Ward is a world renowned guitarists who regularly performs internationally with some of the world's most famous musicians.


Whether you are an artist, a producer, an artist’s manager or you are in any other field related to the music industry and you seek to start adding credits towards a Formally Recognised Qualification in Music Industry Practice, which will not only add to your résumé, but positively contribute to your growth within the industry, then make a plan to attend the SCM Academy’s 2023 Music Industry Masterclasses.

Online registration is R50 and the full cost of the 6-week course is R300 [valued at R1 500]
Transport is available from the Lotus River Sports Complex in Buck Road
Contact Selwyn Bartlett on 072 621 5894
or Mariana Hanse on 071 544 1075


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Written by Ryan Swano

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