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100 Days of Genocide in Palestine – The Grim Statistics So Far

WATCH The Destruction after 100 Days of Continued Onslaught by the Israeli Military on the Civilian Population of Gaza & READ how these Grim Statistics Make it Clear that This is Nothing Other Than a Genocide

The grim statistics of death, maiming and destruction committed by the Israeli Military on the Civilian Population of Gaza, is sadly still leaving most of the western world unmoved while one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our liftime is happening right now in real time.

14 January 2024 marked 100 days since Israel has relentlessly started their disproportionate retaliation against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip in Palestine following an attack on Isaelis by Hamas fighters.

Our Support for The Civilian Population of Palestine should not be misconstrued as support for Hamas or any attrocities committed by members of Hamas, BUT….

The Numbers Don’t Lie, This is a Genocide.

WATCH the moving video commemorating the 100 days of genocide being committed in real time by the Israeli Military on the Civilian Population of Gaza, Palestine, and READ the grim statistics listed below the video.


2000+ massacres committed by the occupation army.
31,000 martyrs and missing.
23,968 martyrs who reached hospitals.
10,600 child martyrs.
7,200 female martyrs.

337 martyrs from medical crews.
45 martyrs from civil defense.
117 martyrs from journalists.
7,000 missing, 70% of them are children and women.
60,582 wounded.

injured in need of travel for treatment “life-saving and critical.”
10,000 cancer patients facing the risk of death.
99 arrests of healthcare personnel.
9 journalists detained whose names are known.
2 million displaced in the Gaza Strip.
400,000 infected with infectious diseases due to displacement.

134 government buildings destroyed by the occupation.
95 schools and universities completely destroyed by the occupation.
295 schools and universities partially destroyed by the occupation.
150 mosques completely destroyed by the occupation.
245 mosques partially destroyed by the occupation.
3 churches targeted and destroyed by the occupation.

30 hospitals taken out of service by the occupation.
53 health centers taken out of service by the occupation.
150 health institutions partially targeted by the occupation.
121 ambulances destroyed by the occupation.

70,000 housing units completely destroyed by the occupation.
290,000 housing units partially destroyed by the occupation, unfit for habitation.
200 archaeological and heritage sites destroyed by the occupation.
65,000 tons of explosives thrown by the occupation on Gaza.


Aside from unjustifed support for the State of Israel’s massacre of the Civilian Population of Gaza, Palestine, that Israel is unequivocally receiving from the US and UK governments, many other other countries seem careful to take a stance against Israel, lest they invite the ire of the two imperial super powers in the form of punitive economic measures.
The silence from many Arab countries, particularly those with strong economic ties to the US & UK, is also of grave concern.

One of the exceptions is our own country South Africa taking Israel to the International Court of Justice on Charges of Genocide.

What do you think?

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