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Authentic Cape Jazz Party Experience Coming to Jozi

The Cape Town Jazz Party via Joburg

The Unique Cape Jazz Culture that anyone from outside of Cape Town only experiences on a visit to The Mother City is coming to Jozi.

In bringing an authentic Cape Jazz Xperience to Johannesburg, Calvin Peters aka Uncle Cal aims to not only serve up a slice of home to Cape Migrants living in Jozi but also to introduce a genuine taste of the Cape Jazz Scene to Joburgers who may have not been to the Cape before.

Of course regular listeners of Joburg’s Eldos FM will be familiar with The Uncle Cal Xperience  9-10pm Saturday night radio slot and should by now have an idea of who Uncle Cal is as a presenter and as a DJ, but that is just a small introduction to everything else that Uncle Cal can conjure up.

On 2 September Uncle Cal presents the Cape Town Jazz Via Joburg event bringing Cape Town’s funky jazz vibes to Joburg at The View Wedding & Events Venue in Kibler Park with The Band N2 featuring Carmen Xclusive on vocals & Don Vino on saxophone. 

Joining the lineup will be special guest, Johannesburg guitarist, DaFunc, who will be backed by the band N2 whilst Uncle Cal will be joined on the decks by Eldos FM presenter and DJ Charlie Brown as they spin all of your favourite mature musical jams. 

Tickets are available from Webtickets in various phases, so don’t miss out on the early bird specials.

Aside from his immense popularity as an events DJ and radio show host, Uncle Cal has a strong reputation for organising and hosting some of the best live music events across the Cape as well as in other parts of the country.

As with most of his events having a Social Investment component that benefits communities close to the area where his events are held, with the this event coming to Jozi, Uncle Cal, through Band Aid SA in collaboration with Eldos FM and other stakeholders will have a program that will benefit youth from in and around Eldorado Park.


Uncle Cal has a lifetime of experience in entertainment.

Calvin Peters aka Uncle Cal  has a long and storied history in the Entertainment Industry and is renowned for his extraordinary skills and abilities in conceptualising, coordinating and hosting world class live music events.
He has been part of the music scene as a DJ, night club owner, artists and concert promoter for over 30 years.
He has been interviewed on numerous local and international television channels about the unique Cape Jazz culture
Uncle Cal events continue to evolve and reinvent the scene.

It was during his time as one of the partners at the popular G-Spot Leisure Lounge, a nightclub specialising in Cape Jazz situated in Epping, Cape Town, that Calvin Peters displayed his extraordinary skill for curating not only the best local Cape Town talent onto the G-Spot live music stage, but also for attracting phenomenal artists from other parts of the country to do shows and even have residencies at the G-Spot.

It was during that time that he established the G-Spot Jazz On The Lawn Festival at Bevcan Sports Field in Epping which turned out to be a huge success and became a regular institution on theCape events scene.
After a hiatus of 8 years Uncle Cal rebooted the Jazz On The Lawn aka JOL to the same venue at Bevcan Sports field in Epping in 2022 

Another successful annual music festival conceptualised and executed by Uncle Cal is the now annual Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion which was first held in February 2020 and due to the break of the pandemic lockdowns was again held in February 2023 and will now become a permanent fixture on the Cape Town Music Festival Calendar. 

The MJR 2023 featured an amazing lineup of artists including Cape Town-born International Superstar Jonathan Butler performing in Matroosfontein, an area in which he lived at some point early in his music career.

Uncle Cal is a custodian of the Band Aid SA NPO and always has a Social Investment component tied to the events. Numerous community organisations, NPO’s, Informal Feeding Schemes, Sport Clubs and individuals have benefited from the proceeds of Uncle Cal Events.

Introducing Youth to a Career in Digital Media, Live Events & Broadcasting

Uncle Cal also has a large following aside from the events scene and hosts The Uncle Cal Xperience which is a syndicated radio show presented by Uncle Cal and carried by numerous FM broadcasters from Cape Town to Johannesburg, including Eldos FM in Eldorado Park, along with many online streaming platforms that have an international reach

The Digital Media expansion of the Uncle Cal Entertainment brand really took off during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic lockdowns when Uncle Cal didn’t merely stick to his existing online radio show format but expanded into video streaming live concerts with various musicians and getting sponsors on board which ensured that a least a few musicians could have an income from performing live during the lockdowns.

The immense wealth of knowledge and experience gained by Uncle Cal and those he works with to ensure the expansion of his digital footprint has created an opportunity to share this knowledge,skills and experience with youth who have an interest‌ in building a career in the fast-growing Digital Media, Live Music Events Management & Broadcast sectors.

In collaboration with Eldos FM which is the official broadcast media partner of Uncle Cal’s Cape Town Jazz Via Joburg, a select number of youth from Eldorado Park and surrounding areas will be chosen to shadow experts in various fields who are working at the or on the event. This number will be limited due to the one-on-one nature of the training they will be receiving.
The intended outcome will be that they will gain skills that they can add to their resumés and which will enable them to get a foot in the door when they enter the Digital Media, Events Management or Broadcast industries.

There will also be a sustainability plan to further engage the selected youth for some time after the event has concluded.

The event on 2 September and the Social Investment component thereof in the form of the Youth Media, Events & Broadcasting Job Shadow Program, is also another opportunity to build on the existing relationship between the Uncle Cal Entertainment brand and EldosFM.

Actor, Eldos FM Presenter and DJ, Charlton Brown aka DJ Charlie Brown will also be entertaining the crowd.

Charlie Brown of Eldos FM is excited about the radio station’s collaboration with Uncle Cal. 

“Having Uncle Cal’s show on Eldos FM and our involvement as a Media Partner on his upcoming event is part of how we aim to build bridges between our Johannesburg and Cape Town communities as we also have a growing online listenership outside of our FM broadcast area”

“We also look forward to play our part in the event’s social Investment program aimed at youth who are interested in the Digital Media, Live Events and Broadcasting sectors”


On the Lineup

The Band N2

This iconic band is synonymous with the Cape Town jazz and nightclub scene and their name has nothing to do with the national road that runs along their hometown. When the two brothers, Neugen and Noël Wentzel from Macassar formed their duo way back in 1987 they went with their initials to name their outfit. They were later joined by their younger brother Adrian and N2 expanded with more members as demand for the band grew.


Taking the N2 to Jozi is not a wrong turn.


N2 is always a huge crowd pleaser whenever they appear on Uncle Cal’s live music events like the Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion in 2020 and they even appeared on the lineup of the original Jazz on The Lawn festivals over a decade ago.

The band N2’s interpretations of Cape Jazz, along with featured singer Carmen Xclusive, will definitely keep the Jozi crowd dancing in front of the stage.


Carmen Xclusive

A high-in-demand live performance artist, Carmen Xclusive launched her solo career in the early 2000′ after being The Band N2’s lead singer for just over a decade since the early 1990’s. 

Nowadays Carmen Xclusive regularly performs with select backing ensembles at some of Cape Town’s top live performance venues and clubs and on occasion, as is the case with the upcoming Joburg Cape Jazz event, Carmen performs as the featured singer with The Band N2.

Carmen will be amazing Joburgers with her Xclusive vocals.

Carmen still often gets booked for exclusive prestigious affairs and corporate events across the country while she has and still lends her incredible vocal ability to studio recording sessions on projects of well-known South African artists.

The popular singer who has also appeared in many of uncle Cal’s shows and has performed as part of his Elastic Band will have the Jozi crowd singing along to her renditions of some great Disco and Funky Jazz songs.


Don Vino 

Saxophonist Don Vino is no doubt an absolutely phenomenal treasure in the South African Music Industry with his sound which has a “sax appeal” that is trendy, current and reflects an holistic approach to music which has an international appeal.

Don Vino will be bringing his Saxy Vibes flavour to Jozi

As a highly regarded session musician he has featured on numerous albums with local and international artists and as a solo recording artist Don Vino released his debut single “Worried” in 2018 which was followed by the release of his album “All The Way” ft Vicky Sampson in that same year.

Over the past few years his instalments of his stage production #SaxyVibes which features artists such as PJ Powers, Jarred Rickets and Amy Jones continue to be quite a successful celebration of his talent and craftsmanship.

Aside from regularly featuring on Uncle Cal’s live shows, Don Vino who also features with singer Loren Erasmus on Uncle Cal’s radio hit, the remake of the Shirley Bassey classic Never Never Never.

Performing with The Band N2, Don Vino will be keeping the Jozi crowd on their feet.


A Special Guest Performance by Cyril Petersen aka DaFunc rounds off the artist lineup at Cape Town Jazz Via Joburg. 

Dafunc from Westbury Johannesburg is a fantastic guitarist well known for being a funky one-man band with a versatile repertoire from modern Jazz & Fusion, to Rock & Pop as well as African Rhythms & Classics.


Cyril DaFunc Petersen will be making Magic


DaFunc has travelled the world entertainment stage for more than 15 years, from Singapore to Dubai to name a few and of course he has performed in different parts of South Africa.

DaFunc also currently has an album called Magical and for the crowd at Cape Town Jazz Via Jozi his collaborative performance with The Band N2 will most certainly be a magical experience.


The DJ’s

In between the live music sets and rounding off the Cape Town Jazz Via Joburg event The Afro Ninja aka DJ Uncle Cal will in his Kung Fu Outfit, Curly Afro Hair and Disco Era Sunglasses be  hitting the decks with some of the best Old School Disco Funk and he will be joined by the Actor and Eldos FM Radio Presenter Charlton Brown who also is a sought after event DJ known as DJ Charlie Brown,

Along with the live music artists these DJ’s will ensure that you enjoy the most epic event that brings Cape Migrants and Joburgers together for an Authentic Cape Jazz Experience in Joburg.

For more announcements on the event stay tuned to Eldos FM which as the official Broadcast Media Partner of the event and will on 2 September be crossing live directly from the Cape Town Jazz Via Joburg event.


Tickets for Cape Town Jazz Via Joburg to be held on 2 September 2023 at The View Wedding & Events Venue in Kibler Park are available from Webtickets in various phases, so don’t miss out on the early bird specials.

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Written by Ryan Swano

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