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Jason Goliath – A GIANT in SA Comedy


Bringing magic to a live show proves his comedic genius, not forgetting his energy-filled presence in South Africa’s Celebrity Game Night Show and this makes me marvel and appreciate his talent because he is extremely engaging. Starting off in the insurance industry over a decade ago and shifting into stand-up comedy, Jason Goliath is now a phenomenon only because he is authentic, proudly South African and true to his purpose which is to bring laughter to his audience and to South Africans.

It is hard not to get caught up in his zest for life which is visible whether he performs on TV, on stage or at an event. Jason does remark that he has to remind himself every day to love his life because he never used to and urges everyone to get up and to go and make more life to love. From a mental health perspective, this is quite a powerful outlook to have and it has encouraged me to do my best to follow this theme of self-love because he qualifies this view by saying that you have to help yourself first by loving yourself which then enables you to love others.

The pandemic has definitely touched the minds and hearts of the entire world population and one can take it for granted that the entrepreneur inside of Jason Goliath does not have much to worry about when it comes to having a balanced lifestyle. This businessman works 24/7 and juggles time working versus time sleeping and he doesn’t sleep enough for eleven months of the year due to the many opportunities that he has to turn into reality. His biggest tip on self-care and mental wellness is for self-acceptance and self-love which is the best mask to wear more so during the pandemic.


Jason believes that when you put on your own mask first which translates into loving yourself first, you are able to protect and care for those around you. He notes that over the years he hasn’t perfected the formula as yet where he finds that not sleeping well leads to him not eating well and is adamant in his encouragement to himself as well as to others to make better health choices which will lead to a more balanced life. Jason says; “Sleep more, eat less and move more!”

The past eighteen months has produced a deeper mental alignment for Jason and he has changed how he speaks to himself. The lockdown in South Africa within the devastation caused by the Coronavirus has sparked a higher level of gratitude in him and he hopes that people at large realise that by changing a word in how you would normally speak can in fact change how you feel.

He says that many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and those who are fortunately still employed should not emphasise that they ‘have’ to go to work; they should internalise that they ‘get’ to go to work. Similarly, one should not say that they ‘have’ to get up and get going in the day, they must be appreciative that they ‘get’ to get up. By changing one word, you can make a big mental difference in how you see life.

Currently featuring on radio and television and on many other platforms, Jason is grateful for being able to perform his craft and as much as he is now one of South Africa’s best comedians, he constantly chases his dreams of acting and performing in order to remain aligned to his life’s purpose. The road is never easy and he always had the ‘funny’ side to him and referred to himself as braai funny and not stand-up comedy funny and by keeping certain personal mantras of self-love and acceptance he was being catapulted not just into a celebrity but his professional comedic journey was ignited around 2011 without much thought at the time. During an acting gig, he was told that he was really funny and to try stand-up as a hobby. After conveying this idea to his cousin, Nicholas, he found himself at the Underground on 23 July 2011 and this is where he performed and fell hopelessly in love with stand-up comedy.

Jason’s positivity is evident when he cheers on other comedic hopefuls and feels that although current comedians may be competing with the internet which is taking over, aspiring stand-up comedians must not be disheartened because they too can master their talent. His greatest advice, for me, is that comedians must accept and enjoy the rewards of this career path which is a by-product of what they do and must stick to their purpose which is to bring laughter to their audiences. Technology can make anyone social media famous so nothing is really holding an individual back from trying out their routines online to see the world’s reaction. For those who would like to engage in a personal setting, Jason stresses that they must write their own material which is unique to them and should go out and find a comedy club to perform in. Naturally, from his experience, when a comedian’s performance is well received the feeling is great; the chemistry and energy within the room is beyond words, but when the audience leaves the comedian feeling that he didn’t do a good job, he says you could feel the most pain you can feel socially and emotionally at the same time.

Jason’s authenticity in respect of his mental wellness and his current professional journey leaves us in agreement that he is a South African Comedic Phenomenon!



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Written by Clerelle Hughes

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