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Your Guideline to the Free 2024 Kaapse Klopse Street Parade

Here are Your Guidelines to The Free-to-Attend Tweede Nuwejaar Kaapse Klopse Street Parade in the city center of Cape Town

From Toddlers to Oupas can all be found in the Kaapse Klopse – Image: Abdul Karriem Salie

Once again the city center of Cape Town will roar with music, troupes in colourful outfits and cheers from the crowd as the Kaapse Klopse take to the streets in what is dubbed by the organisers as Africa’s Largest Cultural Festival: The Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade.

Based on the roaring success of last year’s event, the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade expects to yet again draw crowds of between 60 000 and 100 000 people, with roughly 20 000 minstrels participating.
Also known as the Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade, the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) has been the organiser of the new-format Cape Town Street Parade since its launch in October 2017.
It’s a double celebration for the Minstrel fraternity as the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street
Parade 2024 event coincides with the 20th anniversary of KKKA.

Entrance is Free
Unlike the last five years, the HollywoodBets Cape Town Street Parade event is free to the general public this year. The easiest way to see this amazing show is to assemble in the city centre, where the Minstrel troupes will perform their signature sounds as they march towards Rose Street in Bo-Kaap from Hanover Street in District Six. Thousands of people attend the event; some camp overnight to secure a spot with the best view.

2023 Cape Town Street Parade Event Venue – Image Supplied by KKKA

Participating Troupes

West London All-Stars
Playaz Inc.
Original District Six Hanover Minstrels
Fabulous Woodstock Starlites
Cape Town Hawkers
Posh Vibrant Youth Development
TV Stars
Mitchells Plain Young Tycoons
Fabulous Seawind Entertainers
Ashwin Willemse Orient Community Development
Mannenberg Superstars
Carnival Boys
Exquisite Golden Gate
Juvie Boy Entertainers
The Last Tomahawks
The Original Wild Apaches
Young Wild Commanches
Philadelphians Sporting Club and Youth Development
Wesbank Youth Entertainers
Las Vegas Entertainers

Spectator Guidelines

The Basics
The yearly celebration is the city’s longest-running carnival and a vital component of its cultural legacy. Marching through the city’s streets are thousands of people dressed in brightly coloured satin and sequin uniforms, matching umbrellas and creative face art while jolling to banjos, trumpets and drums to create their distinctive ghoem music.
The troupes are arranged such that each performance occurs independently, giving spectators a chance to hear and jol with their favourite troupe. The brass band provides the melody while the percussion provides the heartbeat so that the ‘voorlopertjies’ or non-instrument players can
lead the way with flashy dance routines.
Cape Town-based stand-up comedian Rezah Forbes will kickstart the proceedings for the morning entertainment on the main stage, serving as the MC. Novocaine The Band starts the day’s stage shows at 11:15. Their musical set along with performances by talented, proudly local acts such as UNCLE Kim DUO, Shadley Schroeder, IMO-Vee, Milicent Malazi and more, will keep the vibe going through the day. The stage along with big-screen TVs will broadcast in multiple locations on the Purple Mile and the Grand Parade to ensure no one misses out on the entertainment.

The Route
The troupes will commence the procession on  Hanover Street in District Six. Teams will be dropped off by buses near Russell Street, and Sir Lowry Road and Hanover Street will be the starting point of the official parade. After the Thuhr prayer time which takes place, the first troupes will kick-off proceedings at 13:15. All 20 troupes will march the entire length of the designated route on Darling Street through the Hollywoodbets Purple Mile into  Adderley Street, and then proceed up Wale Street beyond the Company Gardens. After crossing Buitengracht Street, the troupes enter the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood (Schotsche Kloof) and end on Rose Street.

SEE Get a Voorsmaakie of the 2024 Kaapse Klopse Tweede Nuwejaar Street Parade

Road Closures
Road closures for the Cape Town Street Parade will be in place from 6 am until midnight in
conjunction with stop-and-go systems on Tuesday 2 January.

Prohibited Items
As you may know, glasses are not permitted at a public event like this. Please make sure that any snacks you bring are in non-glass containers, like tins or plastic. Other banned items include weapons, alcohol, and drugs. Vulgar language, violence, political engagements, as well as provocative or illicit actions are also prohibited.
Keep in mind that everyone is there to celebrate our culture and have a good time, so please be polite and mindful of others.
It can be a long day out, so feel welcome to bring blankets, cooler boxes, and foldable chairs to make yourself comfortable.
Remember that it gets extremely hot during the day, but after the sun sets, it can get chilly, so make sure to pack some warmer clothes.

Stadium Competitions
The excitement of the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade will continue in the form of a five-week stadium Hollywoodbets and KKKA Annual Kaapse Klopse Competitions which starts the first Saturday in January. The competition, at Athlone Stadium, will feature 17 Kaapse
Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) troupes through the first week of February.
Troupes will be separated into two groups and compete on separate dates. Among the categories in which the troupes will compete are the grand march pass, junior and senior drum major, best-dressed troupe, and Klopse Jol.

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Written by Ryan Swano

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