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Kaapse Klopse Tweede Nuwejaar Street Parade is Free in 2024

Here’s a Voorsmaakie of the Free 2024 Annual Kaapse Klopse Minstrel Carnival Street Parade on Tweede Nuwejaar aka 2nd of January

The Spectacular Colourful Attire of the Kaapse Klopse - Image: Abdul Karriem Salie

Once again the city center of Cape Town will roar with music, troupes in colourful outfits and cheers from the crowd as the Kaapse Klopse take to the streets in what is dubbed by the organisers as Africa’s Largest Cultural Festival: The Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade.

Based on the roaring success of last year’s event, the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade expects to yet again draw crowds of between 60 000 and 100 000 people, with roughly 20 000 minstrels participating.
Also known as the Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade, the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) has been the organiser of the new-format Cape Town Street Parade since its launch in October 2017.

Free Entrance to The Public

Unlike the last five years, this year’s HollywoodBets Cape Town Street Parade event is free to the general public. The easiest way to see this amazing show is to assemble in the city centre, where the Minstrel troupes will perform their signature sounds as they march towards Rose Street in Bo-Kaap from Hanover Street in District Six. Thousands of people attend the event; some camp overnight to secure a spot with the best view.

“Hollywoodbets is once again thrilled to be the title sponsor of the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade,” said Devin Heffer, Brand and Communications Manager for Hollywoodbets. “The Tweede Nuwe Jaar event is the big highlight of the Kaapse Klopse Carnival, and following lessons learnt from our first edition in 2023, this coming year’s celebrations will be bigger, better, and more accessible to all. The removal of the Golden Circle and implementation of the Purple Mile on Darling Street is really exciting as there is no entrance fee, three additional stands for seating, and big LED screens to showcase the highlights of the day throughout. We appreciate how much this event means to the communities of the Western Cape, and we look forward to joining in and elevating the festivities on the 2nd of January 2024 in the Cape Town CBD.”

From Toddlers to Oupas can all be found in the Kaapse Klopse – Image: Abdul Karriem Salie

Before the actions of the Kaapse Klopse Minstrel Troupes marching in the 2024 Tweede Nuwejaar Cape Town Street Parade, the entertainment starts with an opening ceremony from 11h00 on the Grand Parade with celebrations continuing until 10pm.

“Spectators can expect another exciting, fun-filled day of colour and the ghoema beat. This year, the troupes will parade straight down Darling Street (no golden circle) and the public can access the new Hollywoodbets Purple Mile, opposite the City Hall. Four new grandstands will be erected, to host 180 people on each platform. Spectators can gain access to the prime viewing area on a first come first served basis. The HollywoodBets Cape Town Street Parade and the Hollywoodbets and KKKA Annual Kaapse Klopse Competitions at Athlone Stadium constitutes the largest cultural festival in Africa and certainly the largest and oldest in South Africa and are major vehicles for social cohesion and the empowerment of communities on the Cape Flats,” said Muneeb Gambeno, Director of KKKA.


On the weekend of 16th December guests at the Hollywoodbets Cape Guineas, Cape Town’s feature race day, got a look into what to expect from the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade on Tweede Nuwejaar. By all accounts he Hollywoodbets “Voorsmaakie” which took place after the races was a hit with the crowd.

Klopse Voorloper in Action at the Hollywoodbets Voorsmaakie  – Image: Abdul Karriem Salie

The aptly named Voorsmaakie, “foretaste” in English, gave guests a preview of the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade which will take place on Tuesday 2 January 2024. Thousands of Minstrel Troupes from all over Cape Town are set to perform in the streets of the city centre between Hanover Street in District Six and Rose Street in the Bo Kaap.

“The Hollywoodbets Voorsmaakie saw 17 affiliated troupes showcase their new attire, new members and new routines, giving guests a taste of what they can expect,” said Riyaad Peters, Operations Director for the organising committee, the KKKA .

“The 17 troupes’ musical performances capped off the race-day’s theme of ‘Quintessentially Cape Town.’ The Kaapse Klopse plays such a vital role in the preservation and celebration of culture in the Cape, and to have it showcased to the thousands of spectators in attendance on Hollywoodbets Cape Guineas Day really has set things up for a wonderful Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade on the 2nd of January,” he added.

WATCH: Cape Town Minstrel March on 2 January 2023

Klopse is Culturally & Historically Signifcant

The city centre’s streets between Rose Street in Bo Kaap and Hanover Street in District Six will host performances by minstrel troupes from all over Cape Town, continuing the long-standing custom and heritage of Tweede Nuwe Jaar, which has been observed in the region for more than 115 years.

It’s a double celebration for the Minstrel fraternity as the 2024 Street Parade event coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association.

“Whilst our organisation is young relative to the century-old Klopse tradition, we believe that we have already contributed to significant improvements in the history of the carnival – something that we are committed to continuing with, for the benefit of the people of the carnival,” said Gambeno.

Adorned in colourful outfits with traditional minstrel music playing throughout the day, the festival has become a part of the city’s heritage. So, it comes as no surprise that the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade is supported by the City of Cape Town.

“The Tweede Nuwe Jaar Parade is an event with huge historical and cultural significance to the people of Cape Town. It represents the rich heritage of our beautiful city and means so much to thousands of Capetonians who have grown up with the culture associated with Minstrels and the Tweede Nuwe Jaar Parade. The City of Cape Town’s annual support for the event is to ensure that we can contribute to preserving this history and culture for the next generation. We are looking forward to seeing all the troupes entertain and welcome the thousands of spectators along the streets,” says JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security.

Last year’s 2023 Cape Town Street Parade Event Venue – Image: Abdul Karriem Salie

Lineup, Routes, Rules & Guidelines

Such a huge event with free entry to the general public will lead to road closures; will have to be strictly controlled; and will deifinitely have rules and regulations in place.
We have compiled an easy guide that contains all the routes, access areas, the linup of troupes and other entertainment as well as the rules you need to abide with. You can find all of that in the link below.

READ Your Guideline to the Free 2024 Kaapse Klopse Street Parade

Stadium Competitions

The Kaapse Klopse Minstrel Troupes marching in the 2024 Tweede Nuwejaar Cape Town Street Parade is also the precursor to the annual minstrels carnival competition.
The excitement of the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade will continue in the form of a five-week stadium Hollywoodbets and KKKA Annual Kaapse Klopse Competitions which starts the first Saturday in January. The competition, at Athlone Stadium, will feature 17 Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) troupes through the first week of February.
Troupes will be separated into two groups and compete on separate dates. Among the categories in which the troupes will compete are the grand march pass, junior and senior drum major, best-dressed troupe, and Klopse Jol.

Follow the Cape Town Street Parade Facebook Page for more info on the 2024 Kaapse Klopse Festival

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Written by Ryan Swano

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