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REAL History of Afrikaans & The Real Afrikaners Not Taught in Schools

We Explore the Video made by Nkanyezi which Affirms Why The Real History of Afrikaans & Afrikaners Needs to BeTaught in Schools

Many of us are aware of the fact that the Afrikaans language was originally a creole spoken by Khoi indigenous peope and slaves at The Cape.
What is not taught in our schools is that the population group calling themselves Afrikaners are Not the Original Afrikaners and that the name Afrikaner is something they have appropriated for themselves.
The name was literally stolen from the clan of mixed Indigenous Khoi and Slave Descendants led by Ouderam Afrikaner (born 1690) who by the early half of the 1700’s called themselves Afrikaners. Many descendents of the Original Afrikaner clan still bear the surname Afrikaner.

TikTok user Nkanyezi aka @indigo_koetzzz who has some insightful knowledge about African and Suoth African History and often makes videos that explain the contexts of current affairs has made this video in reply to School Teacher @sphume110’s comment asking why this information is not being taught in schools.
Sphume110’s comment was in response to Kanyezi’s Rebuttal Video of a White Afrikaner who was asking people to respect “their” Afrikaner Culture.

Teaching the REAL HISTORY OF AFRIKAANS & THE REAL AFRIKANERS in all South African schools is primarily a matter of the history being taught needing to be accurate.
Hopefully that will also help dispel the misguided notion that Afrikaans is the “language of the oppressor” while in  reality the biggest group of Home Language Afrikaans Speakers are people who are Classified as Coloured or who Self-Identify as Coloured.

Afrikaans was only started to be used by whites amongst themselves around the mid 1800 but there was always aspirations among many of them to only speak High Dutch which was the official language at The Cape since colonisation and later on throughout South Africa.

Afrikaans Was Only Officially Co-opted By Whte South Africans in the 20th Century

In a comment on a Facebook post where Afrikaans-speaking whites whose comments were bemoaning their perception of “poor guality of Afrikaans being spoken or used in media”, Ryan Swano made his views clear on who The Real Owners of Afrikaans are and that white South Africans only deemed it fit to make Afrikaans an official language in 1925 and it was not until 1961 that they decided to completely discard Dutch in favour of Afrikaans.

“Dêmmit, sharrup en ophou blêrrie neurie oor ‘n taal wat julle voorouers voor die middel-1800’s nie eens wou praat nie en wie hulle nie amptelike erkenning voor 1925 wou gee nie.
*Ze bleven tot 1961 officieel naast het Afrikaans Nederlands gebruiken.
…want so lank het dit vir baie van hulle geneem om Afrikaans magtig te word.”
*Ryan says his attempt at Dutch might not be 100%

Meanwhile until that point in time Afrikaans has been developed for over 300 years by people other than them and when they tried to enforce it on Black South Africans who do not speak Afrikaans, it has had negative direct consequences not only for the language, but also for the Real Originators of the Afrikaans Language as it still continues to be seen as the “language of the oppressor”.

Ryan continued…
“No wonder so many young Black South Africans still speak of Afrikaans as the language of the oppressor.
It is because those who claim to be the “owners” of Afrikaans continue to suppress the truth about who the originators and majority speakers of the language are and are using their false claim of ‘sole ownership’ to try and silence the voices (a form of oppression) of those who do not speak their academic purist version of the language.”

@Indogo_koetzzz in her video says “Listen to the way Whites speak Afrikaans and then listen to the way that Coloureds speak Afrikaans.”
She is hinting at how fluid and natural it is for Coloureds and how formal and much closer to Dutch it sounds for Whites.
She is basically saying that people should listen and pay attention to who it really belongs to and that Afrikaans needs to be Decolonised
The only real way to start the Decolonisation of Afrikaans is to start teaching The Real History of Afrikaans and The Original Afrikaners in All of our South African schools.

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