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Claire Phillips – Her Energy & Her Truths About Coloured People

Clair Phillips Interviewed on The Wayne Mckay & Baydu Adams Vodcast Show

SAMA-winning singer, songwriter and musician Claire Phillips is recognized and respected as one of South Africa’s most talented artists.
Hailing from Belhar on the Cape Flats, Claire shares her very interesting perspectives with The Wayne Mckay & Baydu Adams Vodcast Show.

WATCH Clair Phillips on The Wayne Mckay & Baydu Adams Vodcast Show

This is the kind of energy and mentality we so desperately need as a people.

We simply love how much fun it was watching this vodcast while at the same time being inspired and energised by Claire’s views on a wide range of topics.
Aside from being frank about many aspects of her life, about the music industry, and the many anecdotes she shares, what really caught our attention is her visionary thoughts on Coloured People.

“Coloured People firstly need to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s the first thing we need to do. The second thing it is we need to do is Coloured People Need to Realise the Power that We Have.”

You need to watch the whole video to understand the deeper meaning behind what this amazing artist is saying.
You of course also need to watch just to know what’s the latest on her career and what new music she is bringing.

Oh and just by the way, in case you didn’t know it, Claire Phillips also from time to time flexes her acting muscles like when she played the roll of an enforcer for an underworld boss in the internationally acclaimed Neo-noir Crime Series Skemerdans shot in Cape Town,

We will be keeping an eye on The Wayne Mckay & Baydu Adams Vodcast Show and so should you.

Baydu Adams & Wayne McKayWe are impressed with what Baydu Adams and Wayne Mckay are doing with their vodcast and suggest you subscribe to Baydu’s YouTube Channel for similar content.

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Written by Ryan Swano

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