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Loyiso Bala Live at Mojo Market

Loyiso Bala’s Show at Mojo Market Not Only Bodes Well For His Return to the RnB Scene But Hints to New Music In The Making

If, like me, you’re a huge Loyiso fan, then you would be just as excited as I am about his return to the RnB scene. For a bit of background, Loyiso was trained as a teenager at the very prestigious Drakensberg Boys Choir. His claim to fame was lending vocals to Kwaito act TKZee on songs such as the cover version of Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” and absolute banger, Fiasco.

Thereafter, the natural progression was a solo album of course. He tested the waters with the singles Musukukhala and Silky Soft Skin in 2001. He then went on to release his first album “Wine, Women and Song” in 2003 and the second album “Amplified” in 2005. He had some later releases, but I believe these were the albums that really put him on the map.

Of course “Dali Wami” was a massive hit from the third album “Blow your Mind”. Loyiso has won several awards locally and has been nominated for an MTV award as well. He has toured internationally with the likes of Brian McKnight, John Legend and Elton John to name a few. His 2010 Album titled “Full circle” featured hit track “So wrong for you” which is written by Robin Thicke and Sean Hurley.

Loyiso’s last album was released in 2014 and it seems he took a break from the RnB scene to further himself in his gospel career and his studies. He has been busy with so many different things from completing his MBA at Henley Business School as well as being appointed as the Umhlobo Wenene FM Business Manager. If you know your way around radio, you will know this radio station also featured the late, great Bongani Njoli as one of its popular DJ’s.

Loyiso Bala with his wife Jennifer and their three daughters

Loyiso has also been busy as a dad to his three girls with his lovely wife Jennifer. I can probably write all day about this guy so let me fast forward to 2022. In August of 2022, I don’t really remember the date, but I bought tickets to a Don Vino show at the Good Hope Christian Center in Ottery.
If you have had any experience with Don Vino’s Shows, you will know that you mostly never know up front who you are going to see for the night. Everything is a surprise.

Well let me just say that I had the best surprise that evening for two reasons. Reason number one: Jonathan Butler sat in the audience enjoying and supporting the show. Reason number two: Loyiso Bala was making an RnB comeback and his first show was this one.
Naturally I was out of my seat and screaming like a teenage girl because it had been so long since I’ve seen him on stage.
It was an amazing show and he was excited to tell us that he was working on new music.

After that I had seen him at Grand Arena where he performed his new track “Do it again”. Making a comeback in the music business isn’t always easy but I have to say for Loyiso Bala it’s as though he never left.
Fast forward to 29 March 2024, and let’s just say that Loyiso Bala’s show at Mojo Market bodes well indeed for his return to the RnB scene.

Part of theaudience for Loyiso Bala’s show at Mojo Market Sea Point – Image: Anthea Bissolati

Loyiso Bala Brings His RnB Mojo to Sea Point

I couldn’t wait, but let me tell you; Mojo made us wait indeed.
Very professional sound checks were done from about 5:30pm. They had a cover artist on from 7pm till about 9:10pm. I’d rather not name and shame, but this guy botched so many songs it was embarrassing. However, he had the crowd on his side which is easy to do when you cover award winning songs and Billboard hits. I somehow managed to survive this performance and then it was time for the main act.

Loyiso arrived with security and barely made it to the stage without injury because all the women were determined to get selfies with him no matter the cost. He eventually managed to get on the stage and start his performance. He started off with hits like “Angel” and “I Want You” and then moved into earlier works like “Girl Without a Name” and my personal favourite “Cappuccino (Sweet Latte)”

What I love about him is his authenticity. He asked people to sing along but joked that he would change his lyrics as he sees fit because he wrote the songs, and he could do whatever he likes with them. He took a seat at the piano and played the chords to all his popular hits. He graced the stage for just under an hour, but it was the most amazing hour in all honesty. He was absolutely engaging. His performance was energetic and vibey and made it impossible to stand still. I have no doubt that he will come back strong and take the RnB scene by storm.

Once he was done with his performance, his security had to fend off women left and right to prevent him being accosted on his way out of the building. It was amazing to watch because he is worthy of that kind of celebrity in my opinion. It was also unfortunate because we were unable to get any good pictures with him. The crowd broke out in song as he walked away in the hopes that they would get an encore but no such luck.

I look forward to his new offerings with much anticipation. If you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing Loyiso Bala live, I urge you to go and see him wherever he performs next.

Loyiso Bala Performing

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Written by Anthea Bissolati

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