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La RicMal Wines Shine at ProWein Germany Global Trade Fair

For South Africa’s La RicMal Wines, Exhibiting at the Prestigious ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, is an Opportunity to Increase Their Global Footprint

Attending the ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany for their 6th time, South Africa’s La RicMal Wines has once again had the opportunity to not only shine on the global stage, but also to further their aim of increasing the brand’s global footprint.

For 30 years, ProWein has been the only international trade fair for wines and spirits that extensively covers the entire global market. Accordingly, the visitors, as well as the exhibitors, are international, annually searching for new vintages, the latest trends in the wine and spirits industry, and new product highlights for their consumers at ProWein.


From 10 to 12 March 2024, La RicMal was one of 4500 exhibitors from 65 countries gathered at the ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf. No other wine industry trade fair compares to the immense global coverage of ProWein. Controlled admission ensures that ProWein is a gathering of only professionals and connoisseurs of the industry. This guarantees valuable masterclasses and tastings in a professional atmosphere within the exhibition halls and a high number of business transactions.


Speaking to us upon returning from Düsseldorf, La RicMal cofounder, Ricardo Green, says that ProWein always presents great opportunities for their brand.
“This is La RicMal’s 6th trip to Düsseldorf, and what a fantastic trade show it was.  It was well worth the time and effort, and we are humbled by the opportunity to yet again showcase our beautiful authentic proudly South African offerings.”
“It was as always great for La RicMal to be among the top wine and spirits producers from around the globe.”

Increasing La RicMal’s International Footprint

South Africa counts as one of the largest and among the most respected winemaking countries in the world and The House of La RicMal, a Black-owned South African wine producing company, is fast growing its foothold in the international market.

Established in 2007 by father and son team Malcolm & Ricardo Green, La RicMal has palmed in numerous South African and International Awards and hold a number of highly rated South African and international accreditations.
Currently La RicMal holds the position of being one of the largest independent black-owned wine producers and suppliers to the South African retail market. This is rightfully considered to be a fantastic achievement within the 363-year-old South African wine fraternity.

Ricardo Green at the La RicMal Exhibit with ProWein 2024 Germany – Image Supplied

It then should come as no surprise that La RicMal is invited to participate in some of the world’s foremost Wine Trade Fairs of which ProWein counts among the very largest and most prestigious.
Ricardo Green says that their attendance at ProWein is in line with their vision and aims for the La RicMal Brand.
“ProWein Germany, in its 30th year, is one of the largest and recognised international trade shows that brings manufacturers and producers, importers and exporters, wholesalers and distributors together under one setting to trade. As always, we put our best foot forward to seek international representation and of course get to meet old colleagues and see old friends from previous years.”
“Since La RicMal aims to increase our international footprint, it is of utter importance that we make use of the opportunities presented through exhibiting at ProWein, Germany.”

International Trade Fairs Hold Immense Benefits for La RicMal

Ricardo Green is enthusiastic about the benefits of attending international trade fairs and more so about the benefits of attending ProWein, Germany.
Obviously the cofounder of La RicMal was not going to give away any trade secrets when we asked him whether there were any particularly benefits came out of their trip to ProWein.
“Absolutely! Attending a trade show of this calibre allows me to expose our brand and to create so much visibility and awareness. I managed to not just secure old relationships but also to build on and make new ones.”
“I also had the fortunate opportunity benchmark with competitors and other brands, as well as to learn more about packaging, wines and related products that I can use to give the competitive advantage.”

Ricardo Green says that ProWein is an opportunity to benchmark La RIcMal against the best wines the rest of the world has to offer – Image Supplied

With the thousands of exhibitors and guests representing the many various aspects of the wine trade, it is really not easy for every exhibitor to accurately gauge the impact of their exhibition, but Ricardo Green is genuinely pleased that the La RicMal exhibit had indeed surpassed their own expectations.
“Generally, we were well received, and surprisingly we had some trade visitors that recognised the brand from visits to SA. This was rather humbling and a reminder that our hard work and perseverance pays off.”


The fact that international wine traders recognised the La RicMal brand from their visits to SA bodes not only for La RicMal’s footprint on the international market but it emboldens the new development in their local retail strategy.
La RicMal has embarked on a new venture whereby they have entered the Wine Retail Market with daring and optimistic with their first strategically placed La RicMal Wine Boutique at Cape Town International Airport.

Situated where the walkway of arriving international visitors and South African travellers returning from abroad opens up into the airport’s arrivals shopping precinct, the store is also easily accessible to local arrivals as well as local and international travellers who are leaving Cape Town. The new wine boutique presents the perfect opportunity for visitors and locals to purchase wine for their own enjoyment or to present as gifts to family, friends, colleagues and business associates.

Increasing their global footprint works for brand recognition through international trade fairs also means that more wine-loving visitors to South Africa will want to experience La RicMal on our home soil.

International Award Winning La RicMal Available Locally

Of course South Africans do not have to travel very far to savour the taste of La RicMal Wines.
Aside from their own La RicMal Wine Boutique at Cape Town International Airport, La RicMal wines are available on local wine retail shelves across South Africa and in a number of African Countries.

The La RicMal Wine Boutique at Cape Town International Airport is the New Welcoming Herald of the South African Wine Industry – Image: Ryan Swano for La RicMal

There are also a growing number of independent and chain liquor outlets as well as restaurants recognising the value of stocking La RicMal’ s export quality wines to make it available to their clients.

Should you be unable to find La RicMal on the shelves of your favourite liquor outlet or wine store, feel free to request that your store manager makes contact with La RicMal and considers stocking La RicMal wines.

If you are dining out, and do not see La RicMal on the establishment’s wine list, ask them about it, since they may perhaps have it but might not have had a chance to update their printed wine lists.

It is clear that the International Wine Market is recognising and appreciating the Award-winning qualities of La RicMal Wines.

The time has arrived for you to experience La RicMal, the truly Premium South African Wines, that wine lovers all over the world are already enjoying.

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Written by Ryan Swano

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