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CapeExit: Is Cape Independence Part of a US Neo-Colonial Plan?

Could Neo-Colonialists Imperial Forces Deploy Covert False-Flag Operations in SA to push towards a CapeXit and force regime change as they do in other countries all over the world?

The moment US White House officials and Occupation Regime henchmen started ridiculing South Africa’s charging of IsNotReal at the ICJ, white supremacist mischief-makers trying to foment a “Cape Independence” narrative alongside the ridiculous “whyt gen0cide” pack of lies, activated like a recurring yeast infection.
Line-dancing and country-song crooning opportunitism bloomed like an overflowing sewer.


This didnt come as a surprise for many observers of geopolitical shifts, who noted that this absurd secession idea was germinated on the Cape West Coast when the US overthrew the elected govt of Ukraine in 2013/2014. It’s said CIA planners regarded it as inevitable that the Suez Canal would be one of the first casualties of a conflict in the Northern hemisphere involving major military powers. This would mean naval strike armadas having to round The Cape of Good Hope.

Is Cape Independence Part of a US Neo-Colonial Plan?

Of course, an “Independent Cape” heavily-reliant on the US would then be very useful indeed.
The likelihood of South Africans agreeing to the Southern part of the country being lopped off and ruled by the US via white supremacist proxies is exceedingly slim. To predict what comes next we have to look at US regime-change meddling in countries of the MENA, and even closer South.


Cape Independence Advoccy Group claims large scale support from DA Members, and the DA clais the numbers are skewed but… Will the DA be changing their stance against CapeXit when the situation suits their main backers?

The idea that the US Militarry would intervene either covertly or openly in an aim to secure a CapeXit is not far fetched.
WATCH US launched 251 foreign military interventions since 1991, and 469 since 1798

Libya, Syria and Sudan, like Mozambique recently when gas was on the brink of being exported to South Africa and Zimbabwe to alleviate their energy crises, suddenly developed a “Fundamentalist Muslim” problem. The US and its ever-present NGOs wasted no time in identifying these small groups as moderate Rebels, merely desiring Freedom and Democracy. Then, as if to speed up the forming of public opinion, civilians started being horribly killed.

We were told by US corporate media that Qaddafi was having his troops rape civilian women pumped up with viagra. They told us that the Syrian govt was torturing gay women and youths simply painting pro-democracy graffiti. In Sudan Kristof of the New York Times pronounced that the govt was massacring its own freedom-desiring citizens.

The South African Ummah has very few Muslims situated in remote rural areas, who can be isolated and radicalized by US-sponsored moulanas. In any case, the embittered perpetual-victim blond white Afrikaner is an avatar far more relatable to Western populaces. As we have seen in Ukraine, it is fairly easy for Western media to plaster over white supremacism.

WATCH Western Cape: Groups in South African region push for secession
Fadiel Adams of the Cape Coloured Congress and Gatvol Capetonian told Al Jazeera that Cape Independence would be a great idea if the narrative was not led by white supremacists.


The Democratic Alliance currently running the Western Cape province has been doing a poor job trying to look like they aren’t associated with the various CapeXit/Cape Independence groupings, but we all knew that come crunch time, the DA would be jostling to take leadership of this treasonous movement.

Now that the time has arrived, the best we can hope for now is that an ugly falling-out of conspirators awakens enough of South Africa before the inevitable, grotesquely-violent False Flag that beckons US AFRICOM interference.

A Twitter thread in which user @ALETTAHA disputes claims by CIAG that they have DA support.

What do you think?

Written by Bradley Ruiters

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