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Kim Engelbrecht Returns as REYKA in Season 2 of Gritty Crime Series

Kim EngelbreKim Engelbrecht Returns to Our Screens for Reprise of Her Lead Role in REYKA which Won Four SAFTA’s and had Two International Emmy Nominations for its First Season

Detective Reyka Gama has been seconded to the Durban Harbour Police Station where she’s busy building the profile of a killer who targets couples at a coastal lookout spot called Lover’s Lane. The assailant is a sinister enigma who finishes his male victims off in a cold and clinical fashion yet shows remorse, even protectiveness over female victims.

Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion, The Flash) and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) reprise their roles as flawed but brilliant criminologist Reyka Gama and her former abductor Angus Speelman and viewers are in for a thrilling new chapter filled with intrigue, danger, and uncharted waters.

The action will take place against the backdrop of the Durban Harbour, the largest port in Africa, with a new set of compelling characters in the mix.
While season one focused on land, who lives on it, works it, owns it, steals it, wants to poison it, and, importantly, what secrets are concealed within it, season two will focus on water.

Kim Engelbrecht Stars returns as Detective Reyka Gama in REYKA Season 2

Reyka Season 1 which had many viewers glued to their screens with nailbiting action and gritty plot twists has won four South African Television Awards and was nominated for two International Emmies. Now, M-Net’s primetime crime drama Reyka is back for Season 2 on Thursday, 11 January 2024 at 20:00, with a host of new characters and powerhouse performances.
In it’s first season it was dubbed “a drama that sears itself into your consciousness” by the UK Independent we at confirmed that Reyka is a Must Watch.

Facing Her Tormentor Once Again

With the Lover’s Lane killings hitting headlines nationwide, Reyka has the added pressure of solving the murders before the province’s International Water Conference that will see scores of delegates coming to the city.

On top of that, Reyka’s past still haunts her.
Angus Speelman (Iain Glen), the twisted Scottish immigrant farmer who kidnapped her when she was a young girl – is institutionalised in a facility for sex offenders, but Reyka is still tormented by the abuse she suffered.

Iain Glen & Kim Engebrecht in Reika S1 Promo Image

However, a glimmer of hope appears when she partners with new detective Ayanda Jali – a source of courage and goodness reminiscent of Reyka’s former partner. Despite Reyka’s precarious mental state and complex personal life, she’s determined to catch Durban’s latest predator.
Playing Detective Ayanda Jali is award-winning actress and musician Samkelo Ndlovu (iNkaba, Freedom) is Reyka’s new partner. She’s a tough and courageous detective with strong moral values and integrity. She becomes Reyka’s friend and confidant and helps her navigate her cases and personal struggles.

Starring as Ayanda’s boyfriend, Zee, is multiple award-winning actor Pallance Dladla (Isibaya, Dam). Zee grew up in a children’s shelter and is now a social justice vlogger and internet personality. He struggles with issues of boundaries and self-esteem – caught between his feelings for Ayanda and his own insecurities.

Will Reyka Find a New Romantic Interest?

After everything Reyka has endured in season one, will she have the mental fortitude to decipher the connections and catch a brutal new killer?
While all that is going on, will Reyka have space in her life for romance?

In the first season, commitment-shy Reyka at first seemed to share a sexual tention with Tanner but it was Samuel who she hooked up with.

The indomitable Head of the Search and Rescue unit, Captain Leon Lombard played by Frank Rautenbach (Lioness, The Bang Bang Club) is an adrenaline junkie like Tanner, and there’s a romantic attraction between him and Reyka.
We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

WATCH: REYKA Season 2 Official Trailer

Familiar Actors Join Cast  in New Roles

Lemogang Tsipa (Shaka iLembe, The Republic) plays the handyman Tokkie. Isolated, he’s a good looking and slightly strange young man who was brought up in the children’s home where he now works.

Other new faces in the cast include legendary thespian Sello Maake Ncube (The Herd, The Queen), comic and actor Joey Rasdien (Bunny Chow), Zane Meas (Ludik), Tamara Skye, Kira Wilkinson (Black Beauty), Wayne van Rooyen (Fiela se Kind), Deon Lotz (Skoonheid,), Trudi van Rooy (Skemerdans) and Nicky Rebelo (Good Life).

Reyka Season 2 plays out in the Durban’s harbour district.

“Reyka embodies what M-Net is all about – gripping, high-quality local entertainment that enthrals viewers,” says Channel Director: Premium Channels Waldimar Pelser. “Those with an appetite for edge-of-your-seat crime dramas are sure to be hooked again by this second season. In Reyka’s world where darkness meets danger, sometimes the only way out is through.”

Reyka Season 2 will plunge viewers into Durban’s murkier depths with its incendiary storyline. The second season premieres Thursday, 11 January 2024 on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 20:00 as well as live-streams on DStv Stream, and will be available on DStv Catch Up after broadcast.

Once it has run its course on DStv, we expect that just like the first series, Season 2 of Reyka will also become available on Showmax.

For those who missed it, Season 1 of Reyka is currently available for streaming on Showmax.

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Written by Ryan Swano

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