Matroosfontein’s First Girls Football Team Scores Sponsorship

Matroosfontein Football Club’s newly formed very first Girls Team are ready to take the club into new unchartered territory and to help them kick off this new journey, the Social Responsibility Project of the Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion spearheaded by Band Aid SA partnered with Grandslots to sponsor the girls with their brand new gear.
Their new gear was delivered on Friday 26 May and the girls kitted up for a final practice session before they’ll play their first match in their new gear against a girls football team from Macassar on Sunday 28 May.

After their warm up, they all gathered with their team manager Astrid Arendse,  their coach Patrick Wheels and club administrator David Slater to meet representatives of their new sponsors, popular DJ & organiser of the Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion, Calvin Peters aka Uncle Cal, and William Rezant who heads up Band Aid SA.

“We have the privilege and honour to assist Matroosfontein’s first girls soccer team with gear which was donated by Grandslots as part of the Social Responsibility Projects of The Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion as spearheaded by Band Aid SA” announced Calvin Peters.

Unable to attend the handover of the sponsorship, the representative of Grandslots, Tyrone Jacobs, sent a message of support for the new girls team of Matroosfontein Football Club and also reaffirmed the commitment from Grandslots to continue supporting Uncle Cal’s Events and Band Aid SA with their Social Responsibility Projects/.
“The positive impact of Uncle Cal’s Events and Band Aid SA in supporting important community initiatives is  strongly aligned with the ethos and focus of the Grandslots Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programs and they can be assured of our continued support.”

With the team not yet having an official captain, the girls spontaneously nominated one amongst them to speak on their behalf and she eloquently thanked the sponsors saying that having their own official gear would be a boost for them when they run onto the field for their upcoming match against Macassar.

Uncle Cal had some motivational wisdom he shared with the girls about how the discipline of teamwork required for a football team to be successful is a metaphor for anything in life where people have to work together towards a common goal.

He went on to remind them that with the great legacy of Matroosfontein Football Club, they are breaking new ground with which they will be leaving their own legacy for future generations.

“What you girls are starting here at Matroosfontein Football Club is not only a milestone for yourselves or for the club, but you are entering a male dominated sport and what you are doing is for all women and especially future generations of young girls from this area. Go and make yourselves proud and make Matroosfontein proud.”

It must have been a great experience for them on Sunday when the girls from Matroosfontein won in spectacular fashion scoring 7 goals to 1 against the girls from Macassar.

We could very well someday see someone from Matroosfontein’s first girls team go on to play at international level or be signed to one of the top women’s football clubs in the world, and supporters of Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion and Band Aid SA can smile, knowing that their support for local music translates into support for local sport.

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Written by Ryan Swano

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