Adelia Douw all packed and ready to go(Though this story by Gary van Dyk first appeared in the Tygerburger of July 02, 2013, we at feel that the rest of the world should know of Adelia Douw's achivement - Editor)
The journey into jazz for a young Delft singer takes another giant step when she attends a prestigious music camp in the USA next week.


On Friday (July 05, 2013) Adelia Douw boards a flight that will see her attending a five-week event at the Berklee School of Music.


Simply known as “Five-Week”, Berklee’s Five-Week Summer Performance Programme, is now in its 27th year, and is the largest, most comprehensive summer music programme available anywhere.


With its diversity of study options, world-class faculty, visiting artists, and state-of-the-art facilities, it is the premiere contemporary music summer programme for young musicians.

Each summer, approximately 1000 participants from across America and around the world (70 countries) share in this unique event, experience the summer of a lifetime, at the world’s most prestigious institution for the study of contemporary music.


This journey started for the young singer when she joined the Delft Big Band Project in 2009, and she has been impressing audiences at their performances ever since.

“Joining the band was the best decision that I made, even though I was a bit overwhelmed at first,” she admits.

“I always knew that I wanted to sing, but joining them showed me that it was going to be a lot of hard work but our band leader, Ian Smith, was always inspiring us to work harder if we wanted to reach our dreams.

“Working with them made a very big impact on my career choice and on making my dreams a reality,” she said. Douw is now studying Drama and Performance Arts at Northlink College.

The adventure continued for her in 2010 when she was encouraged to attend the vocal workshops at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and audition for Berklee.

Adelia in action with the Delft Big Band. Sourch: Ian Smith Music Productions, YouTube

“It was very exciting to be accepted, but at the time I felt I was not ready, now I’m older, and wiser,” she smiles shyly.

“I feel that I will make a better impact now and this trip is almost like a stepping stone to my dream of becoming the best performing artist that I want to be, not just in Cape Town, I’ve got the world in my sights.”


The young singer is very excited about her expectations at Five-Week.

“I know that it is just for five weeks but I think that the knowledge I will get will be with me for a lifetime.

“As a young person this opportunity means the world to me and it’s also a chance to meet young people from across the world who share in my passion for the music.”


She also said that the achievement of the Delft Big Band is proving the positive influences that music can have in an area better known for its crime and gangsterism.

“I think that we have grown into positive role models in our community. More youth around us are seeing what we are doing and are motivated to join us.

“If we could get more financial backing and support there is so much more that we can do, but we will not give up on this journey. We have grown into a family, and the band will always be a part of my world and we just grow stronger after every performance.


“With our achievements we want to show the world that there is a lot of light that can come out of this darkness that people want to see in Delft, and all other communities where crime is causing so much destruction.”


Adelia Douw is all packed up and ready to go as the Delft Big Band send her off with a farewell fanfare.

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- TygerBurger - July 02, 2013